Does your company have significant ambitions but is hampered by equally significant constraints? In order to achieve your ambitions, you must find creative ways of leveraging and embracing the constraints that you face, and equip your teams with the tools to do so. 


  •  A two-day workshop equips participants with two core frameworks that will help them embrace constraint to deliver their ambitious goals back in the workplace. The first - Propelling Question - defines the challenge tightly by setting your ambition against a relevant constraint. The second - Can-If - helps you develop creative solutions for the Propelling Question by exploring a number of different avenues.
  •  The workshop provides participants with the opportunity to apply these frameworks to one or more live challenges that the business is currently facing.

Does your company have a number of significant projects and initiatives that it would like to deliver to meet its ambitions? If you are resource constrained in one or more area, this might be a major stumbling block to growth. Ideal as a partner session to the 'Embracing Constraint' programme, this 2-day workshop offers a new approach to unlocking previously untapped resource.


  • Provides frameworks for identifying sources of abundance and approaches for trading resources with invested stakeholders, external partners, resource owners and competitors in order to get access to those that are lacking.
  • Provides participants with the opportunity to apply the approaches to live business issues and challenges both during and after the workshop.

Do you need a large number of your employees to adopt the principles and frameworks around embracing constraint in order to achieve your ambitions? To achieve this both efficiently and effectively, you might need to establish a cadre of internal champions who have both the skills and the knowledge to spread the word.


  • Ensures that the champions possess a sufficiently deep and applied understanding of the tools, techniques and frameworks and the way in which they have been applied across different categories. 
  • Provides the champions with the skill set to be able to train and coach others within their organization.
  • Provides the champions with the materials and ongoing support to ensure that a culture of embracing constraint is embedded across the organization.