An amazing book. A well-written, lucid survey of how businesses succeed by figuring out how to use their limitations.
— Dan Wieden, Wieden + Kennedy
Tons of inspiring and interesting case studies, it will inspire, guide and challenge you to find your way over that hurdle you currently face.
— Marketing Magazine, June 2015
A Beautiful Constraint is a great addition to the entrepreneur’s bookshelf.
— Jim Koch, The Boston Beer Company
The book offers a beguilingly simple way of looking at new approaches to grow and prosper. Read it and be inspired.
— Keith Weed, Unilever
This wasn’t just a management book that sat on a coffee table, it was something that we were using very practically, it became a handbook. That made it stand out from other leadership and management texts. It had moved from just being interesting stimulus to something that we were using fundamentally in the organisation.
— Sasha Deshmukh, Smart Energy GB
I cannot do justice to the insight and instruction that A Beautiful Constraint provides. Read this book and you will be a smarter strategist, a more savvy brand-builder, a more inspiring leader, and a more resourceful person.
— Denise Le Yohn, Author, What Great Brands Do