Do you want to lead your team, business unit or organisation away from a Victim mentality around constraint towards the much more empowering, ambitious mind set of a Transformer who embraces constraint?


  • Diagnostic interviews, 1:1 coaching sessions and workshops that help leaders establish a culture around embracing constraint without compromising on ambition.
  • Strong guidance on how to extract long-term emotional commitment from sceptical teams confronted by constraint.
  • Emphasis is placed on challenging the organisation’s existing routines and assumptions in order to embrace constraint and encourage resourcefulness.


Do you have ambitious plans to grow through innovation? Are these plans hampered by significant constraints such as a lack of budget, expertise, time, space or manpower?


  • 1 or 2 day Quick Dive workshops that enable teams to work with constraints to open up new and fertile areas of opportunity.

  • A 5 day Sprint programme that provide teams with the opportunity to develop fully formed ideas with clear and detailed plans for implementation.

  • An extended modular programme where more complex constraints are tackled with multiple stakeholders to develop innovative solutions.

Do you need a large number of your employees to adopt the principles and frameworks around embracing constraint in order to achieve your ambitions?


  • Train The Champion programme where carefully selected individuals are provided with the skills to be able to train and coach others within their organisation around the specific tools and techniques of constraint-led innovation.

  • The provision of the materials, short educational videos and ongoing support for the Champions ensure that a culture of embracing constraint is embedded across the organization.