Turn Limitations Into Advantages


Constraint Based Innovation

Based on the thinking in the highly acclaimed book A Beautiful Constraint we use tools and frameworks to supercharge your innovation process, harness your constraints and fuel a new capability for inventiveness in your teams.

Fantastic training in ABC techniques. It was packed with great examples, was straightforward to apply and had immediate impact for the team.
— Paul Colback, The Co-operative Group

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The team

We bring together a network of innovation and strategy experts on every project. Led by Mark Simmonds and Tony Franco the ABConstraint team consists of trainers, facilitators, and visualisers to help bring your ideas to life. FIND OUT MORE.

Who we’ve worked with

The team at ‘A Beautiful Constraint’ been instrumental in developing a series of breakthrough food and drink innovations that have been positively received by one of our major UK retail partners.
— Rory McDonnell, Bord Bia

Read the Book

A Beautiful Constraint is a highly acclaimed and practical handbook about everyday inventiveness, designed for the constrained times in which we live - it will change the way you approach your challenges in both business and life.

Tons of inspiring and interesting case studies, it will inspire, guide and challenge you to find your way over that hurdle you currently face.
— Marketing Magazine, June 2015